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The Posy Co has been the go-to flower delivery company on the Sunshine Coast for over 6 years. What started in the home garage all that time ago has blossomed into a modern flower delivery company. So, how does it all work?

Market fresh flowers

We source market fresh flowers each and every day from our local suppliers in Brisbane. These arrive to use early each morning and the first thing we do is unpack and condition them, which just means we take the protective wrap off, trim the stems, remove the leaves and place in clean buckets of fresh water. 

Our florists

Once the flowers arrive the fun can begin! We have a small team of talented florists on each day to prepare orders. So we create the arrangements, trim the stems again, tie it off and then we water bag the stems and wrap the bouquet. Once it's ready, we group it with other orders heading to the same area. 

Then, we route the orders

Before anything can leave our studio, we create a route for each driver, bundling together 10 to 20 orders in the most efficient route possible. That's why we can't accommodate delivery time requests, we have to route in the most optimum way to keep our delivery cost as low as possible for you. 

Order dispatch

Our drivers arrive from 12pm onwards, when they arrive, they are given their route, orders and gifts and we dispatch them. When we do that, you get an email or SMS notification with a tracking link that will have an estimated time of delivery. This is perfect if you want to know what time to expect the delivery and maybe check in with the recipient to make sure they're home or at work. 

What's next 

We've been really focused the last few years on creating a modern and vibrant gifting experience on the Sunshine Coast. Our flower arrangements are modern, consistent, designed to last and utilise market fresh flowers each day so that they last longer than any other flowers. 

Next for us is finding ways to offer more delivery windows or options for you and ensuring we are a reliable choice you can come back to time and time again for your flowers. 

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