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Indoor plant - Button Fern

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You can send this gorgeous plant and pot for $39. Includes:

1 x Indoor Plant -  Button Fern

1 x Mr Kitly Self Watering Pot - colours may vary 

General Care

  • Button ferns like enough water, but detest soggy soil. Let the top portion of soil dry out between waterings. If the fronds are green and not wilted, you’ve found a perfect happy medium.
  • House your button fern in a bright or even slightly shady spot, but not in direct sun. A sun-filled kitchen or living room is a good choice.
  • Make sure to keep your button fern in a humid environment (ideally, in 50 percent humidity). In winter, when heat and fires in the fireplace dry out the home, be sure to occasionally mist the leaves, particularly when they look droopy.

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