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Flower & Plant Care

Flower Care

We all want our new flowers to last as long as possible! These few simple steps below will make the most difference, with some additional tips provided. 

  1. When your flowers arrive, trim the stems on a slight angle and place into a vase of fresh water
  2. Every day or so, give the stems another small trim and replace the water 
  3. Keep leaves out of water, you only want the stems in the water
  4. Remove any stems that are starting to wilt

What else can you do?

  • Keep your flowers away from draughts and fluctuations in temperate as these factors can speed up the ageing process of your flowers - the cooler the conditions, the better
  • Keep them away from full sun positions 
  • You can use flower food if you wish, we've never seen a noticeable difference when using this, so we don't include flower food sachets with your posy.

Plant Care

Houseplants can be very easy to keep happy and healthy. These few tips should ensure your plants lasts for the long run!

  • Watering - every plant is different and we do recommend checking the needs of the particular plant you have. As a general rule, you should water them when the soil feels dry. Be careful not to over water. Over time, you'll get a sense of what makes your plants happy. 
  • Orchids - the exception to the watering rule is Orchids. They get their needs from the air, so the drainage around the roots will be very loose to allow them to breath. You won't need to water them in the usual way, a light mist to their leaves is good enough. 
  • Food - we highly recommend the plant kits from We the Wild to get everything you need to take care of your plants. 
  • Trim and Re-pot - over time, you may need to trim your plants and even re-pot them if they are outgrowing their current vessel. 
  • Dust - you should dust your plant leaves as needed to keep them clean and looking their best!